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We specialize in obtaining affordable cancer insurance coverage for cancer patients and cancer survivors.

Cancer Life Insurance


At the Cancer Insurance Store, we believe all people should have equal access to health and life insurance coverage. There is no insurance risk that we won’t try to find health insurance or life insurance coverage for. It doesn’t matter to us if you’re looking for health or life insurance for cancer patients, looking for health or life insurance for cancer survivors, or if you simply desire a supplemental cancer insurance policy.


We have successfully obtained both health insurance after cancer for clients, as well as, life insurance for cancer patients.


With that being said, there are just some situations that with all the cancer insurance resources we have at our disposal, even we can’t always find an health insurance carrier that will accept every insurable risk.This is of course assuming the client has already been diagnosed, and or treated with some form of cancer. Unfortunately when somebody has been diagnosed with cancer, most health insurance companies will deem this to be an unacceptable risk, and will not offer health insurance coverage in that situation.


Life insurance can always be purchased, even in the most dire of circumstances.


For health insurance, there are some states that are guaranteed issue health insurance states, meaning the health insurance carriers in those states can’t deny a person coverage for any pre-existing condition, including cancer. Some states may have a six month waiting period where health insurance carriers don’t have to cover the first six months of treatments, then after the six month waiting period, your cancer health insurance coverage will take affect.


Health insurance for cancer survivors. Depending on how long it has been since your last treatment, the type of cancer you had, and whether or not any of your lymph nodes were affected, many cancer survivors can successfully obtain affordable health insurance coverage.


Depending on the health insurance carrier, many will require the client to be cancer free for at least three years before they will consider writing coverage for the client. Other health insurance carriers will require five years, some are seven years. And again, depending upon whether any lymph nodes were affected, or not. You will find that if you had no lymph node involvement, health insurance coverage will be easier to obtain, or the waiting period shorter.


Life insurance for cancer patients, and life insurance for cancer survivors is much easier to obtain than health insurance for cancer patients. The reason why is simple, when you purchase a cancer life insurance policy, which is just another name for a whole life insurance policy, the insurance company already knows what the dollar amount of the risk is when you purchase the policy.


If you buy a $10,000 cancer life insurance policy, the cancer insurance company already know they have a $10,000 risk to insure. They just need to do some underwriting, look at their actuary tables to determine the value of the risk, and offer a policy. With cancer medical insurance, it’s a little different because nobody can determine the amount of money your cancer treatments will cost, this leaves the health insurance companies with an undetermined amount of risk and no way to place a value on that risk. That’s why they just deny you the cancer insurance policy


Life insurance for cancer patients can be purchased in most cases only one of two ways. You can purchase either a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, or a simplified issue life insurance policy. Depending on how long it’s been since you were last treated, the diagnosis of your cancer, and lymph node involvement, you may only be able to purchase a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.


Here’s the difference. A guaranteed issue life insurance policy asks little or no medical questions before it’s issued, they also have a waiting period before the death benefit becomes payable. One to three years is the usual waiting period. Should the insured die before the waiting period is over, usually a return of all premiums paid, plus a small percentage of interest on those premiums of 3% to 12%, depending on the policy and the state it was issued in, is paid to the beneficiary.


A simplified issue cancer life insurance policy will ask several medical questions, and depending on your answers to those questions,  a doctor’s visit and laboratory work may or may not be necessary. Once you have met the required obligations and your policy has been issued, it should not have a waiting period before the death benefit becomes payable.

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